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as a journalist, a doctor and most importantly, as the father of three young daughters, i can't stress enough how it is
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our kids grow up with a positive body image. one young girl i spoke with started noticing a troubling pattern among her friends. >> girls get this idea that they need to be beautiful to be accepted and liked and to have a good life. they think to be beautiful they have to be really thin with light skin, light hair, no blemishes whatsoever. that idea comes from the media. >> as julia bluhm. she's making the argument, the media's ideal body image was simply impossible to achieve without photoshop. then she got "seventeen" magazine to change their photo retouching policy. this coming week is national eating disorders week. i want to share you with a new website where you or your kids can take a free anonymous self-assessment to gauge the risk of an eating disorder called
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hope that helps. that's going to wrap things up. let us know what you think. and follow me on twitter @drsanjaygupta. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." crash and burn -- this was the scene at daytona saturday that injured dozens of spectators and threatened today's race. we'll take you live to the track. it's the final week of pope benedi benedict's reign but it comes with new questions about how he's really stepping down. and it's hollywood's biggest night. we'll talk about who's expected to go home with oscar and who will have to be sleeping alone. ♪ i hope you're having a great sunday so far.
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i'm susan hendricks in for randi kaye. thanks for starting your morning with us. we start with the latest on oscar pistorius. he isn't the only one in his family accused of killing someone. overnight we learned his brother is charged in the death of another woman. we spoke with carl pistorius' attorney from johannesburg. what did you learn from his attorney? >> reporter: you know, it's another bizarre twist in this oscar pistorius story. carl pistorius, who is oscar's older brother, charged with culpable homicide. his lawyer tells me in relation to an incident that happened in 2010 when carl pistorius collided with a woman on a motorcycle. we understand from the lawyer that this woman was injured immediately but she was taken to hospital and died silver days later.
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carl pistorius' lawyer telling us he has absolutely no doubt that mr. pistorius is innocent. he says there will be fighting these charges in court and that his client is going to be appearing in march, susan. >> makes you wonder if it will have any affect on his brother's hearing. i believe his next hearing is in june. we shall see. thanks. we take to you florida to daytona beach where 28 people were injured by flying debris after a big crash at the speedway. here it is. the dede brie went up as high as 75 feet into the stands and even included a wheel. we'll go to joe. >> reporter: earlier we reported three people were in the halifax medical center in icu. we got an update from halifax saying the two patients that were listed in critical condition last night, those two patients have been upgraded and are no longer in critical condition. again, two patients listed in
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critical condition last night have been upgraded. no longer in critical condition. joie chitwood saying 28 had to be hospitalized, 14 treated at track hospital, 14 other spectators taken offsite to nearby hospitals. it was a horrific ending to what was a great race, the final turn, the final lap. cars running near 200 miles per hour, inches from each other's bumper. then a 12-car crash and a horrific crash where kyle larson's car was essentially launched into air. the number 32 car ripped in half. his engine sheared through that iron fence and onto the concour concourse. a tire from larson's car flew over the grandstand fence and into the stands. all 12 drivers remarkably walked away from this crash. again, a nod to the safety of these cars. all 12 drivers were checked out at the track hospital and released under their own power. you know, the track officials said that crews were working throughout the night and ended
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about 2 a.m., actually, fixing the track. they had to repair the fence, repair the retaining wall, and of course, the pavement surface so they could get the daytona 500 off with a 1 p.m. start. right now everything is looking good as far as the track's concerned. there is weather coming through. there's a 60% chance of rain around race time. as long as the weather cooperates, it looks like the daytona 500 will start at the 1 p.m. scheduled start eastern time, susan. >> it's amazing when you were talking, we continued to watch that crash on a loop pipts amazing the drivers did walk away after you see the mangled cars. >> reporter: you know, a couple years ago -- obviously, this is the same track that dale earnhardt died on. after that crash back in 2001 there was a lot done to improve the safety of these vehicles. and that's a testament to how safe the vehicle actually is. when you look at kyle larson's car, the roll cage was the only thing keeping him safe. 30 minutes after the crash he did a tv interview. for him to walk away and do a
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broadcast interview, unbelievable. >> and it's great the condition of the fans have been upgraded. joe carter, appreciate that live report. we'll take you back for a preview of the race and more from danica patrick later this hour. well, we spoke about the weather regarding the daytona 500. getting to work tomorrow could be difficult because of icy roads. a snowstorm is targeting the plains and the midwest. it has dumped about 2 inches so far in the denver area. the northeast, too, also dealing with its third straight weekend of heavy snow. want to check back in with meteorologist karen mcginnis. how are things developing right now? >> we've been juggling a couple of these storm systems, one after the other. for three weekends in a row, for boston, yeah, it's been the snow or heavy snow over the last couple of weeks. this particular event not too much of a big impact. mostly slippery roads. a big storm system is expected to eject out of the four corners
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region. and for denver and salt lake and for places like santa fe into the western great plains, are you going to be walloped with some cases over a foot of snowfall with high winds. especially just to the east of denver. those wind could gust up over 60 miles an hour. we go into tuesday and the exact position of this area of low pressure is going to be a little doubtful, at least at this point. but still looking at that triple threat. snow on the northern edge. an area we could see ice. out ahead of it in the warm sector, we could see some thunderstorms and the potential for severe weather. what about the snowfall? well, you may remember wichita collected about 14 inches of snow. yesterday we saw the incredible video from our ireporter of the heavy snow and ice that fell off her office building and she was lucky enough and safe enough to send us that ireport. coming up for kansas and nebraska, also into oklahoma and the panhandles of texas --
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panhandle of texas, we expect the snow to be heavy and blowing. what about blizzard warnings all across the front rage into the central plains? we'll watch that. watch out for delays. susan, as we heard mentioned at the daytona 500, looks like a pretty good chance of some thunderstorms for the afternoon hours. >> yeah, joe said 60% chance. we'll see if it gets delayed at all. karen maginnis, thank you. pope benedict xvi gave his final prayer this morning. he gave a personal message, thanking the crowd for their affection. he will take up a life of prayer and meditation to continue serving the church. ben wiedemann is at st. peter's square in vatican city. how did people react to the pope's final prayer today? >> reporter: many of them were visibly moved, susan.
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we spoke to one 30-year-old priest from texas who said he had five years ago joined the priesthood inspired by pope benedict and that he was, indeed, saddened by it. many people expecting -- expressing a certain amount respect for the pope for making a decision that certainly shocked many people. he is, after all, the first pope to actually resign from the papecy in almost 600 years. many see him as a man who tried to bring the church forward, who tried to achieve some sort of reform within the church. didn't necessarily succeed, but he tried his hardest. susan? >> ben, do we know anything more about the alleged scandal being talked about? >> reporter: yes. i had the opportunity to speak to the two journalists who did these investigative reports that appeared in a rome daily and a
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weekly news magazine here. what they're sort of pointing to is in addition to the fact that there is a network -- or appears to be a network, akoring to these reports, of homosexuals within the vatican who were being blackmailed by people outside the vatican, it's also very much involved with the financial management of the vatican and the possibility that information, critical information, was being withheld from the pope. when he was presented with this 300-page dossier by three cardinals he assigned to investigate wrongdoing, when he saw the contents, this is what inspired him to resign. >> ben, we appreciate that live report. we'll have much more on the catholic church in about half an hour. we'll hear from an author with a controversial question, why does the catholic church need priests at all? that's what he's asking. spending cuts days away
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unless congress acts soon. a look at how it could affect you. it's the night hollywood waits for each year. it's here, it's tonight. we'll break down some of the first for this year's oscar nominees. but first, here's a look at a memorable oscar moment. remember this? it's ben affleck and matt damon's spirited speech after winning their first golden statue for "good will hunting."
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remember this awkward kiss from the 2003 oscars? adrien brody was so happy to win for best actor, he planted his lips on presenter halle berry. there may not be awkward kissing but there may be oscar firsts. the oldest and youngest women, age 85 and 9, have been nominated for best actress. also five best supporting oscar nominees have been nominated before. "chicago" was the first musical to win best picture in 2003. do joining me to talk about tonight's big night jackie reed and john murray in studio. happy to have you here, both of
5:17 am
you. good morning to you both. i want to find out what both of you are looking forward to the most tonight. >> seth macfarlane. >> so am i. >> i was skeptical it was announced he was going to be the host but when i saw him making the announcements of the nominees, he was so funny and great at that moment. i'm looking forward to how he'll do tonight. >> he's a genius. he can sing, dance, do it all. are you excited? >> yes, i think he's going to be a great perspective to the show. he's fresh. he's unpredictable. iment excited about the music appear musical, jennifer hudson, barbara streisand, shirley ba basse. >> they're trying to get a younger demographic. >> for the first time they're not going to let the show end with the announce many of best
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picture. seth macfarlane and kristin are going to do a musical. >> what about best picture? >> i think "lincoln" will take it. >> really? there's buzz it's going to be "argo." >> you can't present what oscar will do because it's an older guard. social media has been presenting this momentum for "argo" but i think "lincoln" will still take it. >> do you agree? >> i disagree. i think "argo" is going to take it, even though ben affleck did not get best director nod, and usually best picture has to have a best director nomination with it. but i think because so many folks are pulling for him -- it's like the cinderella story. >> it is. he's come so far because of "good will hunting" and because he was snubbed, his speech, have you to love him. best actor? >> i think it's a no-brainer. i think it's going to be daniel day-lewis. i think for him, you know,
5:19 am
making history here, becoming the first actor to have three oscar wins. there are only eight other oscars that have two academy awards and he'll be the one that will get to three first. >> john, does hugh jackman have a shot tonight? >> people love hugh jackman. this won't be his last time to the rodeo but he's not going to wi it's all about daniel day-lewis, all about "lincoln" and this movie inspired mississippi to amend that act and now african-americans are free, slavery is no longer possible there. that's good news. >> it certainly is. best actress? >> i think jennifer lawrence is going to take it. >> you do? >> i do. the categories have been consistent from award shows, from the s.a.g.s, golden globes. i think whoever won on the previous shows is going to win tonight. >> jackie? >> i think it's going to be emmanuelle riva because this is her year. today is her birthday, of all things. who wouldn't love to see this woman who turns 86 today.
5:20 am
she gave an amazing performance in "amour" and it's her night. >> any surprising moments? i like the heart-felt speeches but it seems like they never give you enough time. they play the music as soon as you thank your first person. >> they really do. i can't wait to see -- i think robert de niro is going to win. >> oh, so do i. >> usually he's not a big campaigner when he's nominated for a picture. but this year he's really been going for it and he's been so emotional because his ties to emotional disorders. we saw him cry on the katie couric show. it's been an emotional display by him. i'm looking forward to him getting up there and giving a speech. >> you have to give it to robert de niro when he cries. he's the best of the best. >> i want to see who has the leg out, angelina jolie or jennifer lopez? but i want to see fresh energy, some fresh talent. i want the oscars to come alive.
5:21 am
>> will either of you miss james franco from two years ago? >> absolutely not. james franco won't miss james franco. >> he got a lot of flack for that. >> he was asleep during that show. >> it's a hard show to do. it's a hard show. again, it will be interesting to see how seth mack far lfarlane . let's give franco credit. >> let's do. but i think seth will do a good job. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> tonight's oscars will honor the best in cinema. last night at a holiday inn express the worst in film were honored, the annual razzie awards. "twilight: breaking down" nominated in most categories. they won for worst film in 2012. here are some categories they
5:22 am
won -- or lost. kristen stewart for worst actress, taylor lautner for worst supporting actor and bill condon for worst director. what do you think? >> talk about a series going out with a bang. >> everyone loves those movies. >> except the critics. >> thanks. na coming attraction or lievu take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. up high! ok. don't you have any usefull apps on that thing?
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. . we head to washington where the countdown is on toward a
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belt-tightening. i'm talking about the forced spending cuts effective march 1 st but only if the white house and congress can't agree. the immediate effect is an cut to federal spending. >> come on, let's go. >> reporter: this woman and her son have been living in this emergency shelter for a year. she's hoping to get help from the government to help pay for more permanent housing. >> i'm on a wait list for public housing, section 8. i've been on the wait list for four years. >> reporter: if lawmakers can't stop forced spending cuts by friday, she and others like her could find themselves waiting much, much longer as funds for public housing are slashed by $300 million, and more than 100,000 families lose rental assistance. according to the center for budget and policy priorities. >> it's not like we're in good shape today. the need -- the need for housing
5:27 am
assistance is vastly outstripping the availability. this is going to make us go backwards and it's going to make the problem even worse. >> reporter: harrison's shelter is run by a nonprofit that gets some funning from donations. critics of government housing programs believe they limit this kind of private sector support. >> we know there's very, very broad, robust research that says for every dollar government spends on sort of these kinds of programs, it actually crowds out 75 cents of private donation to charities. >> reporter: after losing her job at a clothing store three years ago, harrison has finally had success in finding a new one. at the washington nationals baseball stadium. >> i'll be doing the promotion. i'll be the front entrance, you know, passing out t-shirts, key chains and stuff like that. >> reporter: the position is part time, but she hopes it will lead to other jobs that will help provide a better, more stable life for her son. >> i just want the best for him. you know, i just want the best
5:28 am
for him. >> reporter: one key to that is finding a more permanent home. the administration says fewer families will get foreclosure prevention help and communities won't be able to renovate and build as many affordable housing units. >> thank you. coming up, the catholic church is filled with ritual and tradition but a pulitzer prize winning author tells us why one tradition may be a big mistake. [ female announcer ] this is your moment. the delightful discovery. the sweet realization that you have a moment all to yourself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™. splenda® no calorie sweetener. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better.
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welcome back to "cnn sunday morning." great to see you. i'm susan hendricks in today for randi kaye. here are some stories we're following. las vegas police are identified 26-year-old harris as the suspect in a shooting and car crash that left three people dead. they have impounded his range rover they say was used in the shooting and the search for him continues this morning. aspiring rapper cherry was
5:32 am
shot as he drove his massarotti on the strip. the cabbie and his passenger were killed along with cherry. rammer mc hammer is airing his grievances on twitter following his arrest on thursday. he is accused of obstructing an officer during a traffic stop. he says the arresting officer approached him by asking whether he was on parole or probation. he tweeted this, quote, the only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun is a scared man where an agenda, a gun and a badge. mc hammer calls the arrest an eye-opener. police have until next month to decide on any charges. former temptations singer damon harris has died. ♪ >> harris was with the group when they won three grammy awards. that will bring you back. "classic man "and "papa was a rolling stone ". harris battled prostate cancer
5:33 am
for more than 14 years. in 2001 he set up a foundation for cancer research. he was 62 years old. a warning for bottled water drinkers. if that's you, the new hampshire department of health says some bottles of pull poland water ma contaminated with gasoline during superstorm sandy. take a look at this. that's a sight to see. europe's tallest active volcano, mt. etna, roaring up a storm. spewing red hot lava, gas and lighting up italy's evening sky. now for today's faces of faith. with the pope in his last days
5:34 am
before officially retiring, the catholic church is in the media. a new report, a prominent u.s. cardinal protected priests from police after being accused of molesting children. a lot going on there. this may have some people asking, so why do we have priests at all? that is the subject of a new book by pulitzer prize winning author and catholic gary willis called "why priests: a failed tradition ". and also brett strong, a protestant, also an ordained minister. gary, you argue the institution of priesthood, you say it's a mistake. how so? >> well, there were no priests in the original followers of jesus. paul does not call himself or anyone else that in his letters. the gospels called no one a priests but the jewish priests. of course, that's the issue.
5:35 am
the first followers of jesus did have brooess but they were the jewish priests in the temple because the first christians continued to go to temple and synagogue. >> do you think they have too much power, gary? >> yes, they -- well, once it was introduced, all of the gifts of the spirit that paul talks about in his letters, readers, healers, exexorcists, it got separated off. when jesus sent out his disciples at first they came back and said, things went pretty well except we came across someone who's casting out devils in your name. we told him to stop because he was not one of us. well, the whole sacred priesthood of the catholic church has been telling other protestants, other christians, stop. you're doing it in his name but you're not one of us. >> okay, gary, i want to bring
5:36 am
in brent really quick. you say priests are meant to be a mediator between people and god. do you believe so? and how do you think this has gone wrong? >> there's a lot in gary's book that i appreciate, especially as a protestant. the book has a lot of similarities with protestant theology. the word priest from the latin term where we got pontiff means bridge. the priest is a bridge between divine realm and human realm. it's often the case that's been abused and the priest has only represented the divine thing of things and not the human side and loording it over people instead of serving them. but priesthood is a service -- >> is it true you almost became a priest yourself? if so, what changed your mind along the way about priests? >> a number of things. i've been studying st. augustine for the last three decades. he denied there's a special priestly power to change bread and wine into the body and blood
5:37 am
of jesus. he said that makes no sense. we don't chew jesus. we don't digest jesus. the body of christ is the church. when he gave communion, he said, receiv receive what you are, the body of christ. when jesus offered bread at the last supper, it was his body he's offering. he didn't say i'm offering you the bread, but i'm really in the bread. it's a symbol of union but in the course of the middle ages, the bread became god. it was carried around in procession. it was put in benediction, people knelt to it, adored it, divorcing it from the meal which was an interchange between the believer and the savior. that's idolitry to treat the bread as god. >> you say the church needs leaders whether they're called priests or something else. >> as gary notes in his book, there are elders and bishops in
5:38 am
the early church, lots of them. even if we don't call them priests, gary said there's historical reasons the early church didn't call their leaders priests because they were jews, had jewish priest, the temple was destroyed, et cetera. they still had leaders. whatever you want to call them, pasters, elders, bishops, you'll still have people with some sort of authority. that can be potentially abused. it can also be used for good. the best vision of the priesthood and of ministry is one of service to others. gary knows that, too, as he speaks of in his book about the positive experiences he's had with great priests over the years. >> gary, what do you think regarding leadership and the church, would you like to eliminate all of it? who do you think should run the church? >> no, of course not. everybody needs leadership. if a priest is just a leader and not the sacred monopolizer of the great. when paul addressed all the ministries, not a priest, he said the spirit is working through the whole spirit of
5:39 am
christ. you don't have just one leader. in fact, jesus says, do not be called father. you have one father in heaven. do not be called rabbi, you have one teacher in heaven. so, all of the gifts of the spirit should be encouraged. and they were originally. bishops were elected well into the fifth century. when they went to councils, they were representing their people. in fact, when a bishop was chosen, he could never leave his people. that's why no bishop could become a pope. he couldn't leave his people. abbotts of monasteries, nephews of aristocratic roman families but no bishops because the people had chosen him and he was part of that community. you know, today we have priests dropped in and out at the will of a bishop. we have no say in the matter of who our priests will be. that goes entirely against augustine's view that the body of christ is the people. >> brent and gary, thanks so
5:40 am
much. i'm running out of time here. appreciate your insight. for more stories on faith, check on you out our belief blog, next, if you haven't seen it yet, we're going to show you first lady michelle obama's dancing skills. you don't want to miss it. it's got everybody talking. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®.
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>> the first lady can dance. first lady michelle obama proving she's all about the let's move campaign. she did the sprinklers and the dougie. that was jimmy fallon in the pink sweater showing the evolution of dance for moms. michelle obama's got the moves. while michelle obama is all smiles with jimmy, it's a different story back in washington. the countdown is on to $85 billion in forced spending cuts that will kick in on march 1st if congress and the president can't make a deal. no one will be dancing. state of the union host candy can crowley is in washington this morning. what's at stake here? >> well, depends on who you listen to. you have some folks on the republican side saying, this is not going to be the disaster everyone says it's going to be. on the other hand, we have had nothing but a stream of scenarios coming out of the administration, including the faa saying flights are going to
5:45 am
be delayed because we have furlough some -- some of the control operators in the tower. you've had people say, we're going to are to close down some meat processing plants because there won't be, you know, inspectors have to be furloughed. we can't send a carrier to the persian gulf, et cetera, et cetera. so, there are consequences. there will be consequences. it won't happen right away, which says to me that in that window between march 1st and when things really start affecting the public, there will be room to kind of try to figure something out. but i don't think they're going to figure anything out between now and march 1st. i can pretty much tell you that. >> yeah, because it's this friday. is president obama agreeing, yes, it will have that trickle-down effect? >> it's his administration putting out all of these scenarios, including the one from the transportation department. so, yes, we're hearing from the education secretary about the ha hard-hit areas should they have
5:46 am
to cut some funds that go to underserved schools, et cetera. no, this is very definitely the administration's ways of pressuring the republicans in congress. you heard the president, he says all the time, well, gee, they'd rather, you know, protect those rich folks rather than, you know, the middle class. so, we're hearing the same arguments about a slightly different budget cut. >> thank you, candy crowley. keep it here for sandy with "state of the union." when the senate gets back to work they'll take up the confirmation of chuck hagel, yes, again. on tuesday they're expected to vote on whether that filibuster that's kept the full senate from voting on hagel to be the new defense secretary. republicans have blocked the vote and 15 of them sent a letter to president obama demanding hagel's name be withdrawn. new secretary of state john kerry hits the road today for the first time after he took
5:47 am
over for hillary clinton. his 11-day meet and greet takes him to new england, after taking him to germany and france as well. he'll start in egypt and saudi arabia. north korea is threatening, quote, miserable destruction ahead of routine military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. similar threats have been made by north korea in the past. but these latest warnings come on the heels of the country's nuclear tests just two weeks ago. south korea's military is already in heightened state of alert. it's the daytona 500 today. all the talk this week has been about one driver, that woman, danica patrick. we'll take you live to the track. [ female announcer ] roc® retinol correxion max. the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. and deep wrinkles than pdad: you excitedtments. for day? ♪
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5:51 am
>> reporter: hi, good morning to you. as you said, the race is going to go on as scheduled, 1 p.m. eastern start because cruise worked through the night to repair the track, the fence and the retaining wall. yeah, let's look at that crash again from yesterday. what a horrific end to that nationwide race. the number 32 car driven by kyle larson smashed into the fence. the entire front end of his car ripped off, including the engine that sheared through the fence. at least a dozen cars were caught up in that car but one driver who made it through was tony stewart. he won the race. and afterwards talked about the crash. >> i've never seen anything like that. we've seen petty, you know, we've seen a lot of big ones here and i've been a part of a couple big ones. nothing like that. times when i didn't have a rearview mirror because that was an ugly sight. >> reporter: danica patrick missed out on that wreck because she had other problems. early in the nationwide race she did the dreaded walk through the
5:52 am
garage after her car lost power. today she'll be out on the track, racing with her cup series car, on the pole for the daytona 500 where she says she's ready to open it up. >> as tony said, i can go out and treat it like a video game and just get after it and give it all i've got and not have to be concerned about, you know, being smart and taking care of the car. i mean, can i win? yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: finally, talk about girl power. we previewed this fight for you yesterday. last night rhonda rousey beating liz in the first women's fight in ufc history. rousey put her in a submission win to get the win. for more on her and all your entertaining sports news, go to back to daytona 500, susan. looks like the only hurdle to get this race out on time is a big weather system that's moving towards us about race time.
5:53 am
we're looking at about a 60% chance of showers. nascar will not let its drivers run if there's any wet track out there for them. that's a concern of ours as we head forward. >> we're krogs our fingers they don't have to deal with that as well. joe carter, thanks. it's time to get you ready for the week ahead. come with me. on monday it's a big day. the civil trial is going to begin if bp is found negligence in the deep water horizon oil spill. the company could face roughly $20 billion in fines. linebackers and defensive linemen are being evaluated in front of the nfl, coaches, general managers and scouts leading up to the forecast. manti te'o's girlfriend, that hoax, it will be a factor in the nfl draftee val evaluation we'r hearing. the senate judiciary committee will meet to decide whether or not to reinstate the ban on assault weapons. there we go.
5:54 am
now we're on to thursday. pope benedict will hold a meet and greet with cardinals before stepping down that evening. he'll then begin his retirement in a summer residence before he withdrawals to a monastery being built for him in vatican city. friday, it's a big day as well, march 1st. those forced spending cuts are expected to kick in, cutting $85 billion from federal agencies. a big day on friday. space-x prepares for its second flight to the international space station. the launch is scheduled for 10:10 a.m. eastern at cape canaveral air station in florida, again, on march 1 st. you know, the oscars are tonight but after all of this buildup, does it even matter who wins? just in case, dean is practicing his speech, he joins me next. here's a look at memorable oscar moments for you. it's ben affleck and matt damon's first win for "good will
5:55 am
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5:58 am
from the golden globes to the s.a.g. awards, entirely too many luncheons to count, it feels like award season has worn out its red carpet welcome, to some. we're still hours away from the biggest of them all, academy awards. dean joins me from new york. i guess from your article on that you're over the oscars. what's your problem with the oscars? why do you hate them so much?
5:59 am
>> i don't hate them. it's actually the opposite. i actually appreciate them. i appreciate the people who make the oscars happen. to be honest, if i won an oscar -- >> you'd show up. >> i would not only show up, i'd take it with me everywhere, i would have a pin saying, ask me about my oscar, a tattoo on my neck. besides the thrill of winning as i talk about in detail in my article, the oscar gold has lost luster in tangible ways. hope people look at my article on to see what i'm talking about. >> do you think the winners care if they win? they seem excited. oscars, golden globes, you name it, they love the awards. >> they do. and they deserve it. although two days ago, ethan hawke came out calling it a fraud. there are some people within the industry who think it's a waste of time. i think it's a lot of hard work and getting to the point of winning an oscar in front of or be
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